Vision Improvement Exercise Day 15

By Dave / January 25, 2008

Ok, I had a realization about yesterday.

Yesterday, I mentioned that my vision acuity seemed to have declined from the day before. Now, I figured out why.

There was a crucial piece to the puzzle that I had been ignoring. With the vision improvement program I’ve been using, you are encouraged to go without glasses or contacts when you can and when appropriate for safety reasons.

Well, I’ve been ignoring that one for the last three days. I’ve been wearing my contacts at work. Prior to that I was wearing glasses that I would simply take off when I didn’t need them.

This may explain the slight decline in visual acuity that I have experienced.

Today, the exercises went well and the 25 minutes spent doing them is starting to feel more routine and therefore it doesn’t seem as much of a ‘chore’ to do them.

It’s good that I’m journaling all of this. I hope it can help some folks.

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If you have any questions, regarding this program or anything else, feel free to ask.

– Dave

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*if you have or think you have any visual or eye problems, visit your doctor or optometrist for advice, diagnosis and treatment. This post is only for information and entertainment.

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