Eye Exercises – Day 13

By Dave / January 23, 2008

Day 13 took a bit longer than 25 minutes for two reasons.

One reason is that I moved up to a new set / sequence of exercises and I had to stop and read the directions a couple of times.

Another reason is that I went overtime on a couple of exercises without even realizing it. I use a stop watch to mark my time but I found I was going over a bit. Interestingly enough, it was hard to judge the time and what should have been 4 minutes sometimes became five.

On the flip side, when I do the relaxation technique at the end, I often underestimate the time. I might think I’m at 4 minutes when actually, I’m at 2.5 minutes. Weird time distortion affect going on there.

Anyway, yesterday was interesting in that I went to work and thought I had forgotten my glasses, therefore I put my contacts in. What I noticed was that in the morning I was seeing crystal sharp details.

Within a few hours I noticed that objects that appeared crystal sharp in the morning where now appearing dull and a tad bit fuzzy.

I was being fairly conscientious about using the 10-10-10 rule but the fuzziness persisted throughout the day.

When I got home I took my contacts out for about two hours. That was nice. Then when I put them back in again, it seemed that I was back to sharper vision again. Then as the evening progressed, things were a bit less sharp again.

I just finished the new round of exercises and it seems that I am able to sit a bit further back from the computer screen while writing this. That helps relax the rest of my body too.

hmmm…. something might be happening. Again, this could all be subjective. I’ll feel a lot better when we get some real numbers. But I’m not planning another eye exam for a while.

I’ll write more when I get to day 14.

Read about the program I’m using.


*This post is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have a visual problem contact your doctor or optometrist for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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