Dangers of Smoking

By Dave / January 17, 2008

Smoke, regardless of what you are smoking is bad for your body. The toxins are powerful and harm the tissues of your lungs.

They can contribute to the development of some pretty serious diseases. Have you ever seen anyone on a respirator – permanently?

Have you ever seen those who have to keep canisters of oxygen nearby to make sure they can breathe?

Imagine the charred lungs of a former smoker in a gross anatomy lab – It’s real, I’ve seen it myself. The lungs were black all the way through from one side to the other. Gross. Your lungs should be pink.

Smoking stinks. You have no idea how gross it is to smell a smoker. Their clothes smell bad and they often don’t even know it.

Have you ever seen what smoke does to a white ceiling over a short period of time. That’s how it pollutes the body too.

Have you ever hacked and coughed due to the garbage that comes out of your lungs due to smoking???

Now, imagine how it would feel to not smoke any more.

Imagine saving all that money that you now waste.

Imagine living a long and healthy life and enjoy watching your children grow up or achieving the things you want in life.

Imagine being able to run a marathon at 80 years old?

Ready to quit smoking?

Using Hypnosis Methods to Quit Smoking

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CigArrest Free Trial – Read the Fine Print though. They want a lot.

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