Vision Improvement Eye Exercises Day 8

By Dave / January 16, 2008

Ok, I fell asleep last night, so this is actually the morning of day 9. According to the program it is better to do the exercises in the morning anyway. Tonight I will do day 9.

Yesterday, here is what I noticed. I went to work without my glasses and I didn’t bother to put my contacts in. Traditionally, if I had done this before the eye exercises, my eyes would have ached and it wouldn’t have felt good.

Yesterday was a little bit different. My eyes didn’t bother me at all. I made it through the whole day – though I had to sit with my monitor a little closer than usual. And when I left, I did feel that my eyes were more relaxed than usual and imagined (still subjective) that I was seeing better. I may have been. When I walked out in the parking lot, I did say to myself that I was seeing better than usual.

Nothing has been measured yet and I’d say that my results are subjective – which means exactly that – they haven’t been verified. But my eyes not getting sore and strained is worth the effort all by itself.

For 25 minutes a day, I don’t mind making the investment of time just to have my eyes ‘feel’ better if nothing else.

I mentioned yesterday that I had moved to the second ‘set’ of exercises. I actually like them a lot better than the first set. They seem more challenging. There is one in particular that I like, it’s a sort of focusing exercise, very cool. The time seems to pass by quicker on the second level of exercises. And there are several more levels to go.

Well, that’s all for today. You can read more about the program I’m using by clicking here. I’ll journal again tomorrow (or tonight actually).

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