Eye Exercises Day 6

By Dave / January 14, 2008

This is now the 6th day of the exercises.

I was out and about earlier and I went without my glasses or contact lenses.

It did seem that I was seeing a bit clearer, but that is still a subjective observation.

Today marks the last day of the first set of exercises. I will be moving onto a slightly more challenging set tomorrow. I don’t even know what they are yet, I’ll save that for when it is time.

Again, I’ve been doing a lot of near work these last few days. I haven’t even left home much since Tuesday because I need to get a project completed.

My vacation is over and I’ll be returning to my day job tomorrow.

If this vision improvement stuff works, and it seems like it might be (still subjective), then that would really be cool.

I’ll keep you posted. My eyes feel good after doing the exercises.

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*if you have or think you might have a vision problem, visit your optometrist for diagnosis, treatment and advice. This post is for information only.

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