Vision Improvement Exercises – Day 5

By Dave / January 13, 2008

Well today was a tough day on my eyes. I’ve been doing near point work all day and not alleviating the strain on my eyes the way the program suggests.

I’m just trying to put the finishing touches on my book and probably will be tomorrow too.

Once again, I felt some relaxation after my eye exercises, but I noticed my left eye was not seeing the two charts as clearly as in the past.

So, I’d say that all the near work over the last several days has gotten to me a bit.

On the other hand I did go to the store earlier today and it seemed as though I was actually seeing better. So maybe it is a mixed bag right now. Hey, it’s only day 5 and for only 25 minutes of exercise per day, I’m on 125 minutes or about 2 hours of exercise total over the last 5 days.

When you think about it, that’s really not much. I’ll keep working on this and I’ll see what happens next.

To learn more about the exact program I’m using, click here.


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