Vision Improvement Exercises – Day 3

By Dave / January 10, 2008

Ok, first I have to start out by telling you something. Yesterday (day 2) I mentioned that I wasn’t seeing any difference yet. Right after I wrote that I put in my contact lenses and went out to do some grocery shopping. If you remember me mentioning before, my contacts are a 1/4 diopter reduced from what they should be to give me 20/20 vision.

Well, I kept saying to myself as I was driving how bright the lights looked (it was night time) and then I noticed that I was seeing more details with signs and from a further distance . All highly subjective.

I continue to do an extreme amount of near work during the day. I can’t help but think it would be better if I didn’t, but I have too.

Anyway, Day 3 with the exercises went well. Except on the 1st one. I forgot which way I moved my eyes first so I repeated the whole exercise twice.

I feel good after doing the exercises, so I think they are having some kind of relaxation / good feeling effect on my eyes. Maybe I should do them twice per day?

Again, everything is subjective so far, but I think the eye exercises are doing something and I’ll keep on doing them and writing about this experience, at least for 25 days and possibly longer.

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– Dave

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