Vision Improvement – Day One

By Dave / January 8, 2008

Ok, this is day one on a vision improvement program that I recently purchased. I intend to journal my personal vision improvement journey at least for the next 25 days, so keep checking in.

I’m calling this day one, but I have actually tried this program out a few times. It’s to be done daily but I skipped yesterday. I figured this is a good time to start journaling, so I am calling this day one.

A little background – I’ve dabbled with vision improvement on and off during my life with mixed results. My eyes have gotten better overall. To give you an example, the worst prescription I ever had was -3.25 diopters in the right eye and -3.50 in the left. Currently, my vision just improved again. My last appointment saw me with -2.5 diopters prescription in each eye. I asked the doctor to bump me down a notch and he wrote a prescription for -2.25 in both eyes. I accord my latest improvement to two things – drinking blueberry smoothies and doing some massive relaxation techniques before going in for my appointment

The doctor shrugged off my improvement and attributed it to age. He said when you approach forty, near sightedness tends to decrease a bit. He also told me that blueberries can enhance the performance of the retina but would NOT increase visual acuity.

Ok, whatever Doc. That doesn’t explain the earlier improvements I have achieved because they were from years ago, when I was much younger. LOL – Like 39 is old.

Anyway, I digress. The problem for me was that I would try things but I never had a routine.

The program I’m writing about now has a schedule and it only takes 25 minutes per day to do it. The directions and exercises are simple and easy to learn.

Ok, so I started my ‘day 1’ experience tonight.

Here is how it went. (I followed a set program)

1. Did an exercise called the ‘ferris wheel’ for about 2 minutes.

2. Did a relaxation technique for 3 minutes

3. Did a focusing exercise with one eye covered. Several minutes

4. Did the same focusing exercise with the other eye. Several minutes

5. Same exercise with both eyes open for 2 minutes

6. Another relaxation technique

7. eye massage – actually, I just realized I forgot to do this one tonight – my bad

8. Relaxation technique

Total time for all of this? 25 minutes. If I can get my vision back on 25 minutes a day, I’ll be one happy guy. Keep checking in. I’ll let you know how I think it is going.

One of the problems for me is that I do a lot of near work at the computer. Lots of near work puts stress on your visual system, potentially causing a decrease in vision . The program guide I’m using gives some pointers for counterbalancing near work, I’m using those techniques too.

Read more about the program I’m using.

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*This post is for information and entertainment purposes only. If you have or think you might have a visual or eye problem visit your doctor or optometrist for advice, diagnosis and treatment

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