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Stuffed Chicken and Feta Spinach Dinner – in a Pouch?

By Dave / January 7, 2008

Continuing my series on gourmet meals in a pouch that come to you packed in dried ice, I’ve just finished the Stuffed Chicken and Feta Spinach Dinner.

mmmmmm…… Yes, it was good! The vegetables tasted very fresh and were cooked just right.

This meal came in four pouches. One was the stuffed chicken filled with feta cheese. There was another pouch that contained green beans, yellow beans and olive oil. The third pouch contained roasted baby carrots! Finally there was a tangy sauce to add to the mix.

Though the vegetables were tasty the chicken was a little on the dry side for my taste . I ended up adding a little olive oil. But all-in-all the meal was good.

Once again, it is surprising to me how good a meal in a pouch can taste. The way it works is that you take the four pouches and drop them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Take them out, cut open the pouches with the sauce last and dump them into a bowl. I stirred them up and yummy – a gourmet meal was served in only ten minutes.

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