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Can I Use Zero Smoke if I Use a TENS Machine?

Question: Kathy wrote:

This article says you cannot wear certain machines. I use a TENS machine at times during the day, not every day, but when my pain is bad.

It is not implanted, I use electro pads that I put on my trigger points to help ease the pain, Will Zero smoke help me or will this not help me being I use this machine, Any help will be truly appreciated.

Thanks so much – Kathy

Reply: Hi Kathy, Zero Smoke is a magnet that you wear on your ear for a short period of time daily. I do not see any problems with this as long as you don’t use your TENS machine and wear the magnet at the same time.

However, just like anything else you hear or read on this site, the information may not be correct. That is why I insist that you check with your doctor to make sure that you have the correct answer to your question before using Zero Smoke and the TENS machine.

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