Electric Toothbrushes

By Dave / January 5, 2008

Question: Have you written about that “ultra-sound” type toothbrush? Ultreo or something saw it in a catalog the other day. – Jonathan


I have a section on Electric toothbrushes. I honestly prefer the old fashioned kind and I say so in the book.

Brushing is important and I encourage everyone to do it – but there are a lot of really cool and effective things for fighting gum disease. – too bad the masses don’t know about them – yet….

LOL. It’s going to be great fun, getting this information out there. I just hope a lot of people get to benefit. I’m tired of seeing people suffer for no good reason. Someone could have told people what to do.

Gum Disease is an EPIDEMIC around the world. Even the surgeon general said so himself.

Things are out of control and this is the one subject NO BODY is talking about.

I hope I can change that!

– Dave

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