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Can You Use Zero Smoke with the Patch?


Dan wrote:

Can you use zero smoke while wearing the patch but not smoking cigarettes? Will the method still work?


Hi Dan, I personally don’t see any reason why you couldn’t combine the two methods. The magnets in zero smoke and their affect on the brain should not interfere with or be interfered with by the nicotine in the patch.

What I understand about zero smoke is that you can quit smoking without using the patch at all. I guess that is a personal choice and you can decide for yourself whether to use either or both methods.

I’m pretty sure that one won’t interfere with the other, but it is best to check with your doctor to be absolutely certain of that. Again, zero smoke is designed to be effective without using the patch at all but that is not to say that you couldn’t combine both methods. Maybe it will even work better that way.

– Dave

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