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Can Baking Soda Cause Gum Recession?

We need your subjective experiences here. The reason why is that we are probably not going to find a funding source to pay for any studies regarding this potential issue.

A dentist I know has theorized that baking soda could possibly be responsible for otherwise unexplained gum recession.

She isn’t sure why or what the mechanism is. There is only anectdotal evidence. Here is what we have to go on so far: Every case of unexplained gum recession she has come across – 100% of the time – the person has been using baking soda on their teeth or in their mouths.

We need to hear from people who have had some form of unexplained gum recession and whether they have utilized baking soda or not.

Unexplained would mean there is no other reason, including gum disease that could have caused the problem. Unfortunately, it will be hard to find people like that because most or even many people do have gum disease.

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– Dave

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