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Colloidal Silver – Pros and Cons

By Dave / December 20, 2007

Yes, colloidal silver can make you turn blue. But, you have to use a lot of it over a period of time for that to happen. Hence, you have the 57 year old man that has turned blue from using colloidal silver.

He is right about one thing – colloidal silver can really have an impact on any type of microbe that tries to infect your body.

Silver kills both bacteria and viruses. Antibiotics can’t kill viruses.

I’m not sure how much this man was using, but it must have been quite a bit.

There was a story of the blue woman who had taken too much silver nitrate in a nasal spray (I don’t believe they make such nasal sprays any longer). Her face turned blue and there was really nothing that could be done about it.

She suffered with this condition for some time – the rest of her life.

I think that in the case of colloidal silver, this man must have taken a lot of silver – really a lot.

Colloidal silver can be bought in health food stores. It is generally believed that you need a 500ppm (parts per million solution) to be able to have any effect on the microbes in your body.

– Dave

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