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Gum Health Update from Heather

By Dave / December 19, 2007


So far for me, my teeth after the Root Scaling and Planning, it has made a big difference!! I am glad to have had it done as well as the every 3 month cleanings. For me it is a must if I want to keep my teeth. However I do agree, if you need it, get it done, as well as go see a Periodontist!

I do agree that the dentist does not tell you the whole of it, or even help educate you; you have to interrogate him to understand it. Sort of like a secret! I am glad I went to see a person more educated in gum disease (Periodontist) it was the best thing I could have done for my gums.

I am looking forward to your book!! I know it will be a huge hit!!! AWESOME Dave, you are the man!! Happy Holidays from Utah!!! Heather Johnson (YEAH you can post this!)


Thanks Heather. I too would like to see a lot of people benefit from the book. Gum disease is serious and if we want to keep our teeth, we have to work to keep them. It’s as true for me as it is for the vast majority of people.

– Dave


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