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Neti Pot Alternative – A Better Choice?

By Dave / December 17, 2007

Clay Neti Nasal Pot: B The Neti Pot has made the NEWS finally and people are thinking about it and its usefulness for cleaning the nasal passages and helping with sinus problems, allergies, rhinitis and other situations.

Clay Neti Nasal Pot: B

As an alternative, you might also consider the Hydro Pulse , it’s gentle and easy to use. It only takes three minutes!

Consider taking an ancient practice and modernizing it. Save effort, be more comfortable and avoid a mess, but still enjoy the power of nasal / sinus irrigation for yourself.

The Hydro Pulse makes a nice westernized and modern version of something that worked in the past – a great gift for the Holidays!

When a loved one, (or yourself) benefits from losing allergy and sinus problem symptoms, who will be the hero then?…

Check out the Hydro Pulse now and discover the difference for yourself.

Warm Regards,

David Snape

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