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Early Feedback on the Book -What You Should Know about Gum Disease

Good NEWS! I’ve heard from my book designer that the editor / proof reader has given a bit of indirect feedback on the book.

She confided in the book designer that she didn’t really want this assignment because she didn’t want to edit a book on a boring and dreary subject.

Surprise! After getting through the first 20 pages she said that the book has been engaging and easy to read and that she has learned a lot from reading it.

Yup, that’s right!. This book is not some boring text book that you can find in a school library, NO!.

This book is full of my own personal experiences, the experiences of others, questions and interactions or descriptions of interactions with people who have suffered from gum disease or happen to know a lot about it from the aspect of clinical experience.

All the while it feeds the reader great and easy to digest information about gum disease and more importantly what I did to stop it and how I currently keep my gums healthy.

This book goes FAR beyond brushing and flossing. While you should not abandon them by any means, there are plenty of things you can do that has been written about in the dental profession’s own literature. Yet, most of these are things your dentist probably hasn’t told you about. (though a few dentists do share with their patients, it appears that the majority do not)

At the same time, the book is dentist friendly. I never stop encouraging people to be under the care of a dentist. Though I do talk about how to pick and good one and how to know the difference. Honest, ethical dentists who care about their patients will LOVE this book.

The ones that are sub par when it comes to moral integrity, the dentists that care about their bottom line over what is best for their patients – those dentists won’t be happy. But too bad for them. They can find other ways to go make gobs of cash.

If a dentist doesn’t believe in serving best the needs of patients and doesn’t care about anything but making money – then that person shouldn’t be a dentist, in my opinion. There are ethics and state boards to take care of people like that. Don’t be afraid to report them.

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