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Prometa for Overcoming Addictions?

Now this is an interesting one, a new cocktail of drugs that is alleged to beat cocaine, meth, heroin and alcohol addictions.

Addictions are serious! I have heard a number of heart wrenching tales about various addictions. I’ve even written about some.

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Addiction is a particularly sad state of affairs. It absolutely destroys lives. People lose their spouses, families, homes, jobs, and sometimes more!

If Prometa can give someone a chance that can’t muster up the will power on their own, then maybe that is good.

However, the problem is and always has been with the person wanting to quit and I don’t mean if he just says that on the surface level. The person has to truly want to quit in his heart.

That is really the defining factor. If someone has an addiction and they only half-heartedly want to quit, Prometa or other meds might have some effect for a short while. However, chances are strong for a relapse.

Again, a person has to want to quit deep down inside and really mean it for anything to work long term.

The FDA hasn’t approved Prometa, but apparently it is being used. And true to what I just said, it has worked for some but not others.

The difference is in the person’s heart.

Warm Regards,

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

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If you have anything to say on addictions, please leave a comment below. You can tell your own story or that of someone you love or just know.

Life is too short to live under the cloud of addiction.

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