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By Dave / December 7, 2007

The use of a good sinus irrigator such as the Grossan Model, can really help those suffering from allergies and sinusitis find much needed relief.

When you think about all the air we breath in that has dust and other particles in it – including allergens; it only makes sense that cleaning out the passage ways where those things accumulate will help.

Imagine not dusting your living room for a while. What would happen?

Of course the body has its own way to clean using mucous – read runny nose.

But sometimes that system doesn’t function up to par or for whatever reason isn’t doing the intended job. Perhaps it is overwhelmed with more work than it could possibly do – clogging up as a result.

Enter nasal irrigation. Nasal irrigation can help control post nasal drip and sinus infections. Yep – you read that right.

And the Grossan Nasal Irrigator was created by an Ear, Nose and Throat specialist.

If you are suffering, the cost of the 97$ irrigator should be nothing compared to what you have probably already paid for medical care, medication, over-the-counter meds, seeing a specialist, – or some combination of all that.

Most of the time they come with a guarantee anyway. If there is a chance that the irrigator can help a person who is suffering, it is worth that $97 and more.

We do live in a world of dust and dirt and it is easy to see how those things and other particles in the air can end up trapped or accumulating in both our nasal passages and sinuses. The more pollution there is, the worse the problem may become No wonder there are so many people suffering from nasal / sinus infections and allergies.

Here’s to hoping we live in a cleaner world someday.

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