Xylitol for Gum Health

By Dave / December 4, 2007

Hello, This is David Snape with a message about xylitol.

As you may have read in the book, What You Should Know about Gum Disease, xylitol maybe be a potent aid to protect your teeth against cavities and to help fight against the ravages of gum disease – but not by itself of course.

Not all xylitol products are created equal.

There are products out there that contain very little xylitol – no where near enough to make any difference. These ‘false’ products may even contain other sugars that can actually feed bacteria – unlike xylitol.

I’ve put together some resources for those who are interesting in finding xylitol products that I think are worthwhile.

1. If you live in the United States – Check my xylitol resources here.

2. If you live in Europe – I will have a link for you soon – keep checking back.

3. If you live in Canada – I will have a link for you soon – keep checking back.

– As always, if you have any questions – Ask Dave

Best Wishes

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

* The FDA has not evaluated any statements made here about xylitol. In addition, this post is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have any oral health problems or other health problems visit your peridontist, dentist or doctor for proper treatment, diagnosis and advice.

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