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What Causes Short-Term Memory Loss?

brain5Short-term memory loss can have many causes.

Exposure to chemicals or drug use:

Cannabis (Marijuana, weed, pot,) has been linked to short-term memory loss. details

Of interesting note is the drug Ecstasy, which has been shown to cause long-term memory loss in a study conducted a few years ago.


Marijuana Plant

Nafarelin acetate

nasal spray may adversely affect short-term memory.


A chemistry student suffered from short-term memory loss due to exposure to tin – there was an explosion and he inhaled the vapors. After several months, his memory improved. The preliminary effect on his short-term memory was pretty drastic.

bottles of alcoholAlcohol Use – If you drink a little too much, you might experience short-term memory loss. This has happened to me in the past. And I’ve heard many others speak of this affect as well.

These are some examples, if you have been exposed to any chemicals or have been using drugs (either prescription or illegal), that exposure or use could cause or contribute to short term memory loss.

Examine what you have been exposed to or what drugs have entered your system to help pinpoint any potential chemicals or drugs that may be causing a problem.

If you are taking any medication, it would be helpful to check the list of pill bottlesside effects for that medication. If you weren’t given a list with your prescription, contact the pharmacy that you obtained it from and ask them about the known side effects of the drug. (these lists are often very long)

[side note: It’s a good idea to always check the side effects of any medication you are taking so you can be aware of what kind of problems you can encounter as a result of taking the prescription.

Your doctor can often times provide a different medication if you are noticing the side effects and they are causing a problem. ]

Shock Treatments:

Electroconvulsive Therapy (commonly known as electroshock therapy) used in psychiatry can cause short term memory loss.

Reduced Calcium Flow in Neurons:

Researchers suspect that there is a reduced calcium ion flow in the neurons of people who have developed Alzheimer’s disease.


Dr. Su

It may be that decreasing levels of DHEA in the blood as humans age can cause a decrease in the calcium contained within neurons.


This is according to research conducted by Dr. Tsung-Ping Su.

Depression and Anxiety :

Depression and Anxiety manifest effects on the brain that contribute to or cause short-term memory difficulties.

What Remedies Exist?

“Preliminary research has shown the herbal preparation GB aids cognitive function and memory in both patients with dementia and in normal volunteers” – source: ClinicalTrials.gov Case: NCT00070954

The GB they are referring to is Gingko Biloba. GB is an herbal remedy that has been used by many and has been believe to improve memory. You can find Gingko Biloba at virtually any health food store.


(picture- USDA-NRCS PLANTS Database )

Gingko Biloba is also know as the maidenhair tree

If you don’t feel like going to your local drugstore you can find a memory booster herbal remedy [AFF] online.


Gingko Biloba can also have side effects. Check with your doctor before taking it.

Both dehydroepiandrosterone (DHEA) and pregnenolone sulfate appear to restore the calcium flow mentioned above. These are both normally secreted by the adrenal glands (which reside on top of your kidneys).


If you have an additional question or comment on short-term memory loss or what can help, please use the ‘leave a reply’ function below.


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