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Last Day for Dr. Katz’s Sale

By Dave / December 3, 2007

Last week I told you about a special that Dr. Katz was running on his products to fight both gum disease and bad breath.

I just wanted to let you know that today is the last day to take advantage of this special deal – available only in the United States.

Here are the details that I sent last week:

You undoubtedly know by now that preventing and stopping the progression of gum disease is all about daily removal of the the plaque that the anaerobic bacteria grow in.

Here is yet another (high – powered) tool for removing the plaque. This tool normally retails for 120$ but you can get it free with your purchase of a Value Pak ( I suggest Pak E – for gum disease).

You can read more about the details here:


Here is some of the information that Dr. Katz sent me about the sale:

” This is absolutely, positively our LAST SALE OF THE YEAR, and it’s also our biggest!

Our regular customers who are familiar with the BONUS PAK SALE are already skipping the rest of this note and are busy placing their orders. For those that are not as familiar with this most special of specials, let me break it down for you:

Order one of our BONUS PAKS and save 30% or more off our regular, individual item retail prices. Choose up to $107.77 worth of additional Dr. Katz Products ABSOLUTELY FREE for each and every BONUS PAK you order.

We have an extremely limited supply of WaterPik Sensonic Toothbrushes (valued at over $120) and these make GREAT gifts for the holidays, and if you want you can select this as your free gift, but it’s first come first serve.

If you want to select one of these you better order now. But we guarantee you’ll receive it in time for Christmas! Get FREE GROUND SHIPPING (in the continental US) on everything you order, delivered right to your door.

That’s all there is to it. Spend about $120, get up to $130 in free products. Spend a lot more, save a lot more. No hidden fees. No tricks. Nothing else to try, buy, or cancel later.

But don’t wait to take advantage of it -we’re only offering this Holiday special for 7 days and you will have to wait until next year to save this much money.”

There you have it.

When you get there choose Bonus Pak E for gingivitis and gum disease problems

or choose

Bonus Pak A for moderate bad breath problems.

The Sensonic would make an excellent Holiday season gift for someone you love that hates brushing their teeth the old-fashioned way.

That’s it. Happy shopping!

As always, if you have any questions, you can submit them at: http://tobeinformed.com/ask-dave-a-question/

Warm Regards,

David Snape Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease available at http://GingivitisKiller.com

The premiere dental device that I used to stop my gums from bleeding is the Hydro Floss


* please be advised that if you have or think you might have gum disease that you should visit your periodontist or dentist for diagnosis, and treatment advice. This email is not meant to substitute for professional care and is for information only.


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