The Hydro Floss – Should I Order Now or Later?

By Dave / November 27, 2007



I’ve had a Hydrofloss for over a year now so I know what it will do. I want to give one to my son for Christmas. But, he lives in NC and I in FL. What method of shipping do you use and can I order it from here and you will ship it there?

Will the Hydrofloss and your offer be available a little later in December? Wanted him to get it a little closer to the 25th. Or, can I order it now and you ship it later?

WOW, am I full of Qs. Thanks for your answer.



Hi Richard,

At the time of checkout, you can choose a separate shipping destination and name from the billing information and name. That way it can be sent to a different address than your own.

Yes, my offer will still be available later in December.

As far as ordering it now and shipping it later – I’m at a loss on that one.

I think it would be best to wait until you are ready – Just to make sure that nothing goes wrong. We are all human after all and I would hate to see something get put aside and then not remembered in time.

I think it is best to order it when you are ready to have it shipped.

You can get free ground shipping with your order, but if you prefer two-day air or express then there would be other shipping charges.

I hope that covered your questions, if not, please let me know!

The Hydro Floss

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