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Can the HydroFloss Save My Loose Teeth?


Hi Dave,

I’m afraid reluctance to visit my dentist regularly has not meant good things.

I have gum disease and have used OraMD on and off, but have now sensed and sighted tooth movement.

I do not wish to lose my teeth, so I have thought of buying HydroFloss – but before I do, please tell me if its use can stabilize or reverse the movement that has started, and the gum receding that is happening.

I am making an appointment with a periodontist now, but would like to have some improvement before I actually go there so as not to bleed too much, and perhaps avoid any surgery.

I am 54 and have excellent teeth but bad gums. The worst is localized top left hand incisors.

I would appreciate any comment and suggestions.



Hi Rosanne,

I’m afraid that based on the point you are at, you really need to talk to that periodontist. If your teeth are loose there is a fair chance that he will want to do some gum surgery and add some bone matrix to your damaged area(s).

I would NOT think the Hydro Floss can make a difference for your loose teeth at this point. I do not know how much movement you have, obviously. The Hydro Floss is useful for helping to prevent the build up of plaque in the first place.

Their is a classification of movement that your periodontist will determine. He will take some measurements and check the overall health of your entire mouth’s gum tissue. The tissue around every single tooth will be measured for pocket depth and attachment loss.

Remember those numbers as they will provide a baseline for you to evaluate your progress in the future.

Do not be afraid to get a little gum surgery. Adding bone to your loose tooth area(s) can firm that tooth up and really help you. I had a gum graph done as you can read in my book. I tell the story, the surgery was not so bad.

My boss at work had some bone matrix added and it really firmed her teeth up. In other words, the teeth she was having problems became firm again. She is glad that she had the surgery. She is not going to lose her teeth.

The Hydro Floss can be useful in helping to keep your gums clean and free of plaque build up to prevent further damage. You will of course want to use other tools as well – including your regular dental floss and toothbrush.

The Hydro Floss is not the only tool that I rely on as you know from reading my book. I suggest that you get yourself a Perio-Aid as well and always do your brushing and flossing daily or at the frequency that your periodontist recommends.

As far as the Hydro Floss goes, it did stop my gums from bleeding.

Can it stop your gums from receding? Gum recession is generally going to come from gum disease and / or brushing too hard. This gum disease is coming from the plaque build up and more accurately from the anaerobic bacteria that are growing under that plaque. They secrete the toxins that are harming your gum tissue.

As you know from the book, daily removal of the plaque is going to be the key as to whether you are going to stop gum disease and therefore, further gum recession. (assuming your problem with recession isn’t from something else – such as brushing too hard). This is something the Hydro Floss can help with – but you still will also need regular tools like flossing and brushing in addition to a few others that I mention in the book.

Barring other causes, how well you remove that plaque continually on a daily basis is going to help determine whether you suffer further recession or not.

Daily removal of the plaque is important. Can the Hydro Floss stop your gums from bleeding? Each person is different, but I can tell you this for sure : The Hydro Floss stopped my gums from bleeding and negated the necessity for a root scaling and planing treatment for me – end of story. I cannot guarantee the same results for anyone else. That wouldn’t be right, because everyone is different and has a different situation.

The most important thing for you to do now is to visit that periodontist ASAP. You also need to start thinking about how you can improve your home care procedures. You can partner with the periodontist and his hygienist to find the best plan for you. Don’t buy the Hydro Floss right now. Talk to them about whether it is appropriate for you or not.

Many dentists and periodontist recommend the Hydro Floss to their patients. However, I think your immediate concerns must be addressed first. Go see your periodontist as soon as you can. It’s time for you to really get serious in order for you to keep your teeth for the rest of your life.

After you get things straightened out, I’m sure your doctor will agree that you will need to really be diligent about your home care from now on. If he doesn’t tell you everything he can about home care, ask him questions until you have all of your questions answered.

If he can’t or won’t answer all of your questions, you can always find another professional who will. There is nothing wrong with getting a second opinion from another licensed, qualified doctor. These are your teeth we are talking about and I know you want to keep them. You’ll want to do everything in your power to make sure that you do get to keep them.

Rosanne, I hope this information was useful to your. Please feel free to ask any follow up questions that you might have .

Warm Regards,

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

* Please note that this post is for information purposes only. It is not intended to diagnose, treat, or advise on any health condition. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other health problem – visit your doctor or dentist right away for diagnosis, advice and treatment. The FDA has not evaluated the statements made about any products on this site.

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