I Am The Real Snape!

The Real SnapeI posted this over at the Toothy Grins Store blog:



I think it comes down to a wee bit of frustration that people ‘like’ or ‘follow’ me on twitter because my name was borrowed by a certain author for her famous 7 or 8 part fantasy series.

To be perfectly honest,  It does hurt my feelings a little bit.

I want to be known for writing the book that  helped thousands, perhaps millions!

The name of that book is What You Should Know about Gum Disease  and I do think that every family needs a copy of this book.

Actually, I think every family could actually save money with this book.   That has more real value than some dude in a fantasy story, doesn’t it?

If you agree, like this post and share it with others.  We need to make sure that I am known and ‘liked’ for the right reasons.

PS:  check out the videos below about my book:






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