Tonsil Stones – Often The Hidden Cause Of Bad Breath?

tonsil-stone-deluxe-kitYes, Tonsil Stones can indeed be the hidden cause of bad breath.

However, tonsil stones are not always smelly nor do they always product symptoms.

Two common symptoms are discomfort when swallowing and seeing something like a ‘stone’ sticking out of your tonsils.

A dentist has created a kit for getting rid of these.  Tonsil Stone Removal Kit

As I mentioned before, they are not always a problem even when present.  But if they are the source of bad breath, all of the mouthwash, tongue scraping and other things  you can do will have little to no effect at all.

When they are the source of bad breath, it can be pretty bad.

Of course, if you are experiencing other symptoms it may also be desirable to get rid of them.

I just speak in general terms here.  Specific questions about your unique dental health situation should be addressed by your doctor or dentist.


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