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Why I Think Not All Mouthwash Is Created Equal


Not All Mouthwash Is Created Equal

Here is my take on why I think not all mouthwash is created equal.

1. Some have a lot of alcohol in them –  alcohol dries the mucous membranes of the mouth and can actually have the opposite effect than that intended.

2. Some mouthwash just tries to cover the smell — But when that smell is like medicine, is that really a good idea?

3.   Too acidic.  some mouthwash is just to far on the acid side of the scale.  That’s not good for your tooth enamel.  But the ‘bad bacteria’ sure like it!

Good Mouthwash

good-mouthwash1. the good stuff lacks harsh chemicals.  It doesn’t smell bad and it doesn’t make your mouth sore if you keep it in their for more than 20 seconds!

2.  pH balance.  the opposite of acidic.  The bacteria don’t like a higher pH but it sure makes it easier for your saliva to strengthen the tooth enamel – Double win!

3.  Oxygenated:  Oxygen stops bad bacteria.  It messes up their metabolic process and makes it hard for them to either live or secrete acidic waste products!


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