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Pocket Pal Jet Tips For The Hydro Floss Oral Irrigator

jet pocket pal tips for the hydro floss oral irrigatorI recently wrote about the power of the pocket pal jet tips over at Toothy Grins Store’s Blog.

One of my customers, who works on public health, told me some interesting things about his friends.   Of particular interest was the Oral Surgeon who uses the pocket pals daily for prevention purposes.

In an earlier post there, I also talked about an anesthesiologist who called me and told me that he felt there would be less need for heart surgeries and other disease treatments if people took better care of their mouth.

Yes, there are many connections that researchers suspect between gum disease and a whole host of disease processes.

Actually, this should not be a surprise.  Wasn’t it the wisdom of previous generations that when they purchased farm animals, they would always check their teeth?   They understood that the health of the  mouth is reflected in the body or vice -versa!

Anyway, You can read more about my pocket pal post and the hydrofloss here.

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