Ozone Uses For Dental Health

Possible Uses For Ozone

ozone generator for home useIn my post at ToothyGrinsStore about Ozone use I talk about two specific uses for home made ozone.

1.  It can be used to help kill the bacteria that collects on your tooth brush.   Our mouths are full of bacteria.  These bacteria get on our tooth brush as well as other bacteria outside of our mouths but inside of our bathroom.   Brushing teeth is something that most people do every single day.   There are many reasons why you may want to reduce the bacteria on your toothbrush and ozone may be a powerful way to accomplish that.

2.  Another idea is to make a mouthwash out of ozone.   Ozone is oxygen rich and oxygen is something that the ‘bad bacteria’ that cause dental health problems such as bad breath, gum disease and even cavities, don’t like very much.

Home generated ozone may have many other uses,  some of which you may have heard of or perhaps will stumble across during your own personal research.


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