Save Money While Defeating Bad Breath

Money Saving Bad Breath Bonus Pak – Combines the savings of bulk purchasing + a coupon!

There is nothing like the good feeling that comes from knowing your breath is fresh,  except knowing that you saved a lot of cash to make it happen!

bad breath couponsOxygenated, pH balanced products are the answer to attacking the problem, rather than just masking symptoms.   The bacteria shun oxygen and they like an acidic pH.  Give them a little oxygen,  and give them a higher pH and they become very unhappy.  On the other hand, your breath becomes happier.  That could translate into getting more out of life, like a new relationship or perhaps a higher position at work.

On the other hand, bad breath could be holding you back.   Erase the negative and go with the positive.  Better relationships, personal and business – how much of a difference could that make in your life?

The Coupon Code

In combination with the money saving power of buying in bulk, you can:   1.  Take an Addition 10% off,   get free shipping,   get free mouthwash and free toothpaste – both with the oxygenating power and the pH balance.

The coupon code is a-fg10 and you can use it for any order over $100 on this site.  

Of course, if you want to purchase less than $100 worth of product,  you can get more coupons right here!  

Reap the savings!

PS:  coupon a-fg10 and b-fg5 work for smaller purchases!

PPS: one of the best dental hygiene tools I know of.

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