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Heather Talks about Winning the Fight Against Gum Disease

Hey Dave,

I feel that the root scaling was worth my time and money. I find that with my problem I need the Chlorhexidine to help me with my problem.

I do use the Hydro floss daily and this is very beneficial to me to help keep the bad bacteria out of my mouth.

I also find that a good dental cleaning every three months is a must it is only 103.00 a out of pocket each time and it is well worth that money!!

So four cleaning a year will be mandatory in my situation, the root Planning and scaling was not bad!!

It did not hurt as my gums are not as bad as I thought, but bad enough to nip it.

I must point out that in order to have the root scaling and planning that it is done in two different apts. I had to go back twice. I was numb the first time the second time for the other side of my mouth was not as bad so I had no shots.

I recommend if you have reoccur ring gingivitis go have them checked by a Periodontist and have the Planning and scaling done. You can always get a shot and it is not bad at all you cannot even feel it.

So all that being said I had a cap pop off my tooth that was a trip. The tooth it came off of was not dead nor had it had a root canal, OUCH stay away from Mild duds, lucky me I did not bite down on the stub, it felt like I bit through an electric cord.

So now I had to get that fixed. Now I am good till the holidays are over. How are you Dave?





I’m so glad to hear that you are now winning the battle against gum disease. I still remember when you were a little be afraid of going in to have yourself checked out.

This was back when your dentist wasn’t doing much for your gum disease problem. When you went to a periodontist you found out that you really did have a problem.

Thanks for keeping us updated on your progress. I’m very happy to hear that you haven’t gotten this area of your life under control!

If you have anything else to share with us, please feel free to let us know.

– Dave

To the readers of this site: if you have or think you might have gum disease, be sure to visit a periodontist for diagnosis and treatment advice. They are dentists who specialize in gum health, treatment and care. You may very well learn things from them that your regular dentist either missed or just didn’t tell you about.

In case you were wondering, chlorhexidine is a prescription mouth rinse that is very effective in killing the bacteria that cause gum disease. The unfortunate side effect of using this mouthrinse is that it often will stain your teeth with longer term use.

The good news is that these stains generally come off at your next dental cleaning.

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