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More on Quitting Smoking and a Company that Offers a 30 Day Free Trial

Speaking of Quitting smoking: You know I think it is a good idea. I’ve related my story of gross anatomy lab where we saw the charred blackened lungs of a former smoker.

Shoot, even without that visual, there is plenty of reasons to quit smoking and I’m sure you have heard plenty of them.

In fact, I talk about smoking as a risk factor for developing gum disease in my book. I’d like to help people quit smoking. Knowing I did that would make me feel good. I was super proud of my Mom when she quit at my urging.

When I find something that sounds good for quitting smoking, I like to pass it on.

I ran across this free trial offer on Cigarrest. It looks like it is packed with a lot of helpful extras. You should check it out, it looks promising.

30 Day Free Trial of Cigarrest – chewable tablets to help you quit smoking – they also provide all of this:

In your FREE order today for the CigArrest Welcome Kit you’ll receive:

CigArrest Chewable Tablets – FREE 30 day supply of CigArrest No-smoking Chewable Tablets to help you overcome the urge to smoke whenever and where ever it strikes. This is the original easy-to-use CigArrest all natural formula.

CigArrest Gum – FREE 30 day supply of Cigarrest gum to control your cravings and replaces the oral fixation of smoking.

VitaGuard Smoker’s Vitamins – FREE 30 day supply of Vita-Guard Smoker’s Vitamins designed to fight the cell damage caused by smoking and strengthen your immune system!

CigArrest Program Guide AND Exercise Handbook – Two helpful and informative guides to help you understand the program and learn how to successfully overcome your smoking habit.

CigArrest Program Audio CD – An instructional audio CD to help you avoid smoking in any situation and learn how to stay smoke-free.

Stop Smoking w/CigArrest

Remember quitting smoking is one of the healthiest things you can do! Why not start making progress for you or someone you love today?

Read more about quitting smoking here or here.

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David Snape
Author : ‘What You Should Know about Gum Disease’ available at:

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