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How I Got My Gums to Stop Bleeding

By Dave / November 4, 2007

I’ve told this story about how I was able to get my gums to stop bleeding quite a few times already, but here it goes in a post all by itself! The look on my dentist’s face was priceless. 🙂

Fact: My dentist and hygienist told me that I was in need of a root scaling and planing treatment.

My gums were bleeding both during probing and during professional cleanings. They would occasionally bleed while brushing and flossing too.

For a long time, I thought it was normal for my gums to bleed a little bit. But after they told me I needed this special treatment, I looked it up and realized that bleeding gums are not normal at all. They should NOT bleed when probed, professionally cleaned, brushed or flossed. Not even a drop.

Now I knew there was a problem. After reading about root scaling and planing treatments I knew I DID NOT want one of those done.

I found a Hydro Floss and began using that on my gums. I used it every day, usually at least twice per day.

I also used an oxygenated mouthwash with my Hydro Floss. Later, I found that it was much better to use the AktivOxigen concentrated serum.

With the serum, you only use 8 drops per tray. I would simply add 8 drops per use of the Hydro Floss.

The concentrated serum is much easier to store and use. It is very concentrated and the bottle it comes in is small – about 30ml. This size is much easier to store and use than the big bulky 16 ounce mouthwash bottles.

After several months of using the Hydro Floss with the oxygenated compound, I went back to the dentist.

They were very amazed. “Whatever you are doing”, the dentist said, “you should keep it up”.

There was no bleeding during probing and there was no bleeding during the cleaning.

The other cool thing about the serum is that you can carry it around with you in a pocket or purse. You can’t really do that with a sixteen ounce bottle. (it’s good for combatting bad breath too)

Why use oxygenated serum or mouthwash? The anaerobic bacteria that cause gum disease don’t really like it. It tends to kill them. 🙂

So therefore, you want to use it in conjunction with the Hydro Floss to increase its effectiveness. The Hydro Floss can deliver the oxygen compound directly to and possibly under your gum line.

It’s like the 1,2 knockout punch to fight bleeding gums and gum disease.

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I also wrote a book on gum disease that tells you a lot more about fighting bleeding gums (a symptom of gum disease) than just using the Hydro Floss.

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Warm Regards,

Dave Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease

Keep in mind that this post is for information purposes only. This is what I did to stop my gums from bleeding. However ,if you have or think you have a problem with your gums bleeding or with any kind of gum disease, you should consult your physician for advice, diagnosis and treatment. The FDA has not evaluated statements about any products on this site. Even If I do say they worked for me. 🙂

If you have any questions, you can just ask me .

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