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What You Should Know About Gum Disease – Part 5

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The Book:  http://WhatYouShouldKnowAboutGumDisease.com

A very helpful tool for protecting your gums


In This Video

We continue with the introduction in this video.   Being just an introduction, it does not really touch upon what you need to know at this point.

Although, I still do address the fact that many people avoid the dentist.  But, that is not to say that going to the dentist is the saving grace for your gums.

It is certainly important to be under the care of your dentist, in fact, it is crucial.   However, even the experts will tell you that the fight to protect and save your teeth and gum is a daily fight that only YOU can take on.

You are the only one who works on your teeth on a daily basis.

The Struggle Against Gum Disease Is A Daily Fight

There is NO WAY around it.  The fight against or to prevent gum disease is a daily one.   It doesn’t matter what fancy treatments you get at your dental office, if you are not fighting the daily fight, your problems are bound to return.

The plaque must be manually disrupted at least once every 24 hours and more is probably better – whatever your dentist recommends.    So, therefore, the fight is truly a daily one.

Even if you see your dentist once every 3 months for a regular cleaning, if you are not disrupting that plaque daily, there is not much the dentist will be able to do to stop gum disease and save your teeth.

Therefore, this is a personal matter that you must deal with every single day.

It’s Complicated But Simple…

Because every single person’s body is different.  You will want to understand that the fight against this problem or to prevent it requires varying amounts of work for every person.  For some people, brushing and flossing daily is really all they need.

But, for most people, this is not the case.  You see, we know that 3 out of every 4 people has some gum disease right now.   That’s 75%.   I think it is also fair to say that more than 25% of people brush and/ or floss daily.    Therefore, if brushing and flossing were really enough for everyone, there would not be so many people with gum disease.

It’s Hidden

Many people think they are safe because their dentist has not said anything – yet!   Actually, gum disease most often works silently and over time.    The damage may not become evident for a very long time.  Then, when you start to see the damage, you think that it is a ‘new’ problem.

Many dentists just don’t spend a lot of time focusing on your gums.   They are more interested in looking for and repairing problems with your teeth.

There is another specialty that focuses on the gum health, those are Periodontists.

So your regular dentist may not put a lot of time into checking your gums and making sure they are healthy.

Here is a hint:  Your dentist or hygienist should be checking your periodontal pocket depths on every visit, not just when they see enough evidence that there is a problem.   It is too late at that point.

What you are looking for is any periodontal pocket depths that are above 3 mm.  These are your trouble spots.    Most dental experts would say that you have a problem if you are above 3mms in depth anywhere in your mouth (with the possible exception of the tissue near the molars – depending on opinion)

When the depths are above 3mm the bacteria have a chance to accumulate in greater proportions.  This begins the cycle of tissue destruction from acidic waste products that are secreted.


Part 1   Part 4

Part 6


The Book:  http://WhatYouShouldKnowAboutGumDisease.com

A very helpful tool for protecting your gums


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* I speak in general terms only for the purpose of sharing information.  If you have a specific question about your own unique dental health situation, be sure to ask your dentist about those questions.

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