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Pro Pulse Oral Irrigator – Handle Replacements

I recently had a customer who called me and asked if this hose assembly would fit his pro pulse oral irrigator that he bought from Amway about 28 years ago.

It appears that they are no longer made and have not been made for a very long time.

I told him that I seriously doubted that the hose we had would fit his machine.

He insisted that we send one to him.

He recently called me to say that the handle worked and his machine was working fine.   He ordered a second one to replace the hose on the one his neighbor has.

I do not guarantee in any way, shape or form that this handle assembly will work for you.    It seems to have worked for him.  But there are no guarantees.

In addition we don’t take returns or exchanged on this part, so if you buy it, it is complete at your own risk.

You will need a certain degree of mechanical skill and ability.   There are no directions.   So, don’t buy the part if you think it isn’t a job you can handle.

Also, we make no guarantees that it will fit your old Pro Pulse oral irrigator, despite the story of this particular customer.    If you are not sure, we suggest getting a new irrigator which you can find at the link below.

Here is where you can obtain the hose assembly:


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