Dental Cleaning

Looking for the Hydro Floss?

I was surprised to hear that I had several 4 mm pockets and one 5mm today at the periodontist’s office.

There was absolutely no bleeding however.

Yet, anything over 3mm is considered abnormal.

This simply underscores the point that fighting gum disease is a lifelong endeavor for the vast majority of people.

What did people do 200 years ago when they couldn’t get their teeth cleaned? Many simply lost their teeth.

The mouth and gums are a weak spot in the body’s defenses. You need to keep diligent watch on the health of your teeth and gums. Their deterioration could lead to even greater problems in the body.

What I think happened is that I have increased consumption of very sugary substances over the last 6 months or so.

Of course, sugar fuels that bacteria that cause gum disease.

In addition, I haven’t been quite as diligent with the tools that I talk about in my book of late.

I suppose I’ve become a bit complacent since I had such excellent results. Again, this simply shows that fighting and preventing gum disease are an ongoing necessity.

If you slack off, problems could creep in again.

My problems aren’t really serious but they could be if left unattended.

Fortunatley, I’m on a two month cleaning schedule so little things like these can be caught before they get any worse.

A good professional cleaning can go a long way towards correcting these minor deviations from good gum health.

I’ll need to get back to using the tools more diligently, including the Hydro Floss.

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