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By Dave / October 15, 2007

Looking for the Hydro Floss?

Luke Writes:


I have been reading numerous articles written by yourself and am amazed by your outstanding opinions and stories. I was just somewhat curious about what qualifications you hold and if you would please share them with me?

I am currently a Year 12 student in Australia researching some articles for ‘Psychology’ and I thought some of yours would be perfect 🙂 and to know your qualifications would defiantly give me an edge.


My Reply:

Hi Luke,

Wow, thanks for your kind remarks in regard to my articles.

Unfortunately, I don’t have any credentials to speak of. I’m just a regular guy who speaks from the heart.

My background is in the life sciences. I was once on my way to becoming a Doctor of Chiropractic, but I left the program before my training was complete.

My High School English teacher taught me that the most powerful speeches come from the heart. I’ve found that translates to writing as well.

Not all of my articles have that quality to them, but many do.

I do recommend that you read a book called Zhuan Falun. You can find it for free at

I believe that much of my insight comes from the understandings I have gained from that book.

Thank you again for your kind remarks and I’m sorry to disappoint you on my lack of credentials.

Good luck in your work.

Many of my articles can be found here.

Warm Regards,

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