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Root Scaling and Planing Treatment – Part 2

By Dave / October 12, 2007

The Hydro Floss

Heather’s Report:

Dave and all;

Second half was not so bad. She could not see any build up under the gum line.

I did learn a valuable thing, this might seem silly, USE HOT WATER
to make your tooth brush soft, add the paste then brush, this ensures
the tooth brush stay soft and you do not damage your gums. Neat trick

Any how, the second scaling was easy!!! Not even a shot!! Yeah your
heard me… it was not bad at all. I feel it is not a bad procedure and
would really encourage anyone needing it done to go for it!! It is not
as scary and bad as it seems! I had a gum scaling and root scaling as
well. Nothing!!

So that being said if you need it GO get it done then it
is recommended you get your teeth cleaned every 3 months. It cost me
100.00 out of pocket for the ones not insured (the ever 6 months
cleanings) so really not bad and so worth it!

If it will save my gums I am going for it!!! So Best of luck to you all and I also encourage you to use Dr Katz products and the Hydro Floss they are very good in prevention!!!!

Good luck to you all!

More to come!!!

Back in a month for a check up!


My Reply:

Thank you Heather. This is exactly the kind of thing people need to hear about. Please keep us posted.

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