Good Herbal Remedies From A-Z…

Remedies -more natural -a-zAre you looking for good herbal remedies?   click here to see the whole list of them

And I do mean from A-Z   – Everything from  ADHD (Attention Defecit Hyperactivity Disorder)  to  Zoster (Shingles).

Natural and Herbal Based Remedies Often:

1.  Are More Natural

2. Have Less Side Effects

3. Cost A Lot Less

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More Natural

Many of todays drugs are nothing more than synthetic, concentrated copies of a phytochemical (plan chemical) naturally found in Mother Nature.

The synthetic copy is necessary to procure a patent.   This is because a ‘natural’ chemical cannot be patented.

You can ask your doctor if that is true.   It might be interested to hear his answer.

See The Whole List of Natural Herbal Remedies

Have Less Side Effects

Medical drugs today are, as just mentioned, concentrated copies of a natural chemical.    In nature,  you don’t find one isolated chemical.

There are often lots of  chemicals that come in combination naturally.   It is believed by ‘natural’ oriented healers that the combined effect of these plant chemicals works far better than a human’s attempt to isolate and concentrate one.

The synthetic versions must be slightly chemically different in order to be a ‘new creation’ that can be patented.   This means that they had to change something slightly within the chemical itself to make a version that they can patent!

Who knows what effect even a tiny change can have?

See the list of more natural herbal remedies.

Cost A Lot Less

I do not need to tell you how expensive some medical drugs can get.    Ironically, many of the same drugs are sold less expensively to foreign countries but are quite expensive in the United States.

Meanwhile more nature oriented remedies often do not cost nearly as much as brand name medical drugs do.

See the List of more natural herbal based remedies now.

PS: Some people say natural is better. What do YOU think? Next: Learn More


*note: This post is for general information purposes only.  If you have a specific question about your unique health situation, be sure to ask your doctor for advice, diagnosis, treatment and answers to your questions.




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