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Root Scaling and Planing Experience

By Dave / October 4, 2007

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This is a personal experience from one of the readers of this site with a root scaling and planing treatment:


Half of my mouth was scaled and to be honest it was NOT as bad as I

No bone loss or build up. He thinks I might have an allergy to
my own gums, we did decide to go ahead with the 3 month cleanings and so fourth, I go back next tues to get it done on the other side of my

It is not bad at all!!!

There was no build up either, I am on Chlorhexidine every other month but for 2 weeks. So that pretty much sums it up! I am all for the scaling it is not as bad as it sounds!!!!

To have the 3 month cleanings they recommend this first!!!

More later when I get some time.



My Reply

Hi Heather,

This is great news! I’m very glad that you are now under professional care and have been given a game plan to stop the progression of gum disease and keep it under control from here on out.

It is very good NEWS to hear that you don’t have any bone loss.

I’m glad that your experience was a positive one. As I mentioned before, my sister seemed very unhappy with the treatment.

It’s good for the other readers of this site to understand that it can be a very positive experience.

Please continue to keep us updated!

– Dave

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