Colorado Caller Discusses the Hydro Floss

By Dave / September 16, 2007

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I received a call from a mother in California who had gone to a seminar at a local college that was put together by a dentist and his assistant.

The dentist took a swab from her gumline and swabs of other members for the audience as well. They were then treated to a microscopic view of what was in their mouths.

This was quite an eye opener to our friend. She could not believe how much bacteria was in her mouth. The dentist was recommending the Hydro Floss for superior oral care.

The dentist also told of a story of another woman who had severe gum disease. Another dentist told her it would take about 30,000 dollars to pull her teeth and insert implants. This second woman began using the hydro floss instead and eventually her gum problems went away.

I love hearing stories like that one. I have a similar story, though I wasn’t quite as bad as the second woman.

My dentist told me I was going to need a root scaling and planing treatment. I declined and started using the Hydro Floss. After just 5 months of using the Hydro Floss, I was told by my hygienist that I no longer needed the root scaling and planing treatment. The dentist told me to keep up whatever I was doing.

The hygienist said, “there is no more tartar build up under the gum line”.

Pretty amazing, isn’t it?

This is why I like to tell people about the Hydro Floss. In my opinion, everyone should have one.

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That’s how much I think you should have one, I’m willing to give you a copy of my book at no extra charge.

– Dave

A happy Hydro Floss user

PS. I’ve had my Hydro Floss for over 2 years and I still use it virtually every day – usually more than once per day!

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