Periodontist Recommends the Hydro Floss

By Dave / September 14, 2007

Buy a Hydro Floss

I received a phone call from a person in California last night.

Her husband just had gum surgery.

From what she was saying, it sounded like his gum disease problem was fairly extensive and he is still at a pretty young age.

One of the things she mentioned was that her husband’s periodontist told him to get a Hydro Floss.

She said they were very insistant that they get one and in fact she even said they were ‘mad’ that they hadn’t obtained one yet.

Anyway, she was able to get her Hydro Floss through this site.

I’m not surprised that a periodontist would recommend the Hydro Floss. In fact, I would expect that most of them would.

You can read about a 1993 study done on the Hydro Floss and it’s ability to reduce calculus (tartar) accumulation.

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