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Conversation about Root Scaling and Planing Treatments

Reader (Heather):

As this date for the teeth scaling approaches I am getting nervous. I will be happy to get this fixed!!!

My Reply:

Don’t get too nervous. This is something that is fairly common. Lots of people have it done.

Try not to think about it.

– dave

Heather’s Response:

Thanks!! I will TRY! It seems so bad!

How long does it take to heal?

Do they give you certain things to use while healing?

I know you have not had it done but I wish he would have given me a booklet on the procedure on what to expect before and after, as you go in 2 times.

Wish they would just do the whole thing at one time!!

Heck it wont kill me. Get it over already!

Do they give you pain medication??

I do not do well on it!!

I am allergic to most!

My Response:

I’ve never been through the root scaling and planing process. (I was
able to avoid it with my Hydro Floss)

You usually get an anesthetic during the procedure.

I do not know if they normally give you pain meds after or not.

I think they want you to be able to chew on one side of your mouth while
the other side heals.

My sister had it done and she said it did not make her gums better in
her opinion. That was another reason I said no. But you probably have a better doctor. I think she went to a regular dentist.

Remember, periodontists focus on gums, so they probably have a better
game plan.

– Dave


That makes sense! It did not help my dad either!! HUMM wonder what is
after that? Do you know what happens if it does not work?

I hope they numb it good! LOL

My Response:

If it does not work:

They will probably want to do it again and again periodically.

I don’t trust that particular treatment, but that is merely my opinion. You
have a doctor guiding you so you should listen to him. If you don’t like
his ideas, you can get a second opinion.

The point that brought me to fighting gum disease was that I didn’t want to have a root scaling and planing done in the first place.

Like I said, they were pretty shocked that I was able to overcome the
problem without their planing and scaling treatment. (by using the Hydro Floss)

Now that I think about it: I do practice Falun Dafa and that has kept my
body very, very healthy. Maybe that had something to do with my success?

I have not had to call into work sick since I started practicing it about 8
years ago.

I had forgotten about that!

– Dave

* This post is for information purposes only. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other oral health or health problem, contact your dentist, periodontist or doctor for diagnosis and treatment.

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