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Dental Hygienist Supports Oral Irrigation

Reader Comments:

Hi David…Just wanted to say hello. I am a Dental Hygienist who has been in practice for over 33 years.

I want to commend you on your information. It is great and I hope it reaches out to many, many people.

I am a very good hygienist, both as far as my clinical skills and communication skills, but I know very well that the answer to people keeping their gum disease under control is really, mostly in their own hands.

It is the daily commitment to oral care that will make the difference in the long run. Of course the tools used are critical and I wanted to just let you know that I am a huge fan of oral irrigation!

You are so right in your letters. I can only reach those who come to me in practice, but you are doing a great service to people who will not or CANNOT go to a dental office.

Just wanted to compliment you on the work you are doing.

All the best,

Hillary Yasmer Shemin, RDH, BSDH
Holland, PA

My Reply:

Hi Hillary,

Thank you so much for your kind note.

I really appreciate what you wrote and let me say that it helps me to carry on when I get notes like this one. So thank you again.

I would very much like to post your comment to my site at http://tobeinformed.com if I could have your permission to do so?

I can exclude your name if you would like. That is not a problem at all.

Just having your kind words up there would probably be helpful for those struggling to understand it all.

I definitely am a fan of professional care, I’ve worked hard to make sure people know that the first thing they should do is see a periodontist and get regular dental cleanings. I even suggest two month intervals for professional cleanings.

In my book, I mention the need for professional care over and over again. This is especially true of the new version of my book that is coming out. There really is no substitute for professional care.

Yet, as you mentioned, what people do in between visits is extremely important. Not much can be done in the long run if people ignore their home care or do a poor job of it.

As you are well aware, it is very possible to keep your natural teeth healthy for a lifetime. But, so many people won’t be able to do that simply because they don’t understand the basic facts.

Let’s continue to help them out and help them to learn the facts.

Hillary, Thank you so much again, 🙂

Warm Regards,

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease
Available at http://GingivitisKiller.com

Reader Reply:

Hi Dave,

How nice to hear back from you. I would be honored to have you include my comment on your site and you are welcome to use my full name.

I did not read your book, only your online comments, but I trust that as long as you are always recommending professional care, if possible, as part of a whole regime I am happy to be included on your site.

Keep in touch!


My Reply:

I mention the need for professional care so many times in my book that it becomes a little redundant. But, that is how important it is!

I am always grateful to my hygienist for getting in there and scraping away all the built up plaque and stains. More people should have an appreciation for the profession and what hygienists do!

Hillary, thank you again. Your comments are so meaningful to me and help me to feel encouraged about getting the message out there.

Oral irrigation is indeed very important as is professional care. I’m personally on a two month cleaning schedule. Regular cleanings are so important for the health of the gingiva (gum tissue). Most periodontists would agree that three months between cleanings is adequate.

I asked for two months because my teeth stain rather quickly and I also wanted the extra insurance to make sure my gums stay healthy.

Of course, I still use the Hydro Floss daily and will continue to do so. It appears to help tremendously in plaque and tartar control.

I have also found the use of the Perio-Aid to be very helpful.

Warm Regards,

David Snape
Author: What You Should Know about Gum Disease
Available at http://GingivitisKiller.com

Hydro Floss Info : http://OralIrrigatorDiscount.com

* Please note this post is for information purpsoses only. If you have or think you might have gum disease or any other oral health problem, visit your periodontist or dentist for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

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