Gum Disease Conversation

By Dave / September 5, 2007

Reader comment:

AS it seems your problem was nipped in the beginning!!! Lucky you!! I will let you know how this goes. I hope It doesn’t hurt too bad! LOL!!!! Weird thing is my teeth seem clean and there SEEMS to be no noticeable tartar under the gum line. Strange!!

My Reply:

My gums bled for years during regular dental cleanings. It was not caught at the beginning or at least they never told me anything about it. I have gum recession.

If you are not comfortable with the advice of your periodontist you have every right to seek a second or third opinion with another licensed periodontist.

Never lose site of the fact that on the one side you are a patient, but on the other side, you are a customer.

If you don’t want a second opinion, then stay with your doctor.

My problem was such that the hygienist tried to get me to sign a paper that if I lost my teeth, it wasn’t their fault.

In retrospect, I view that as a marketing ploy. Never -the- less, after several months of using the hydro floss, they did say that I didn’t need the root scaling and planing any longer and that there was no longer any tartar build up under the gum line.

In any case, it is good that you are seeking the care of a doctor and you should continue to get professional care in order to do the best by your gum tissue.

As I tell everyone who has or thinks they might have gum disease visit your periodontist for advice, diagnosis and treatment.

Home care is very important too – because your dentist can’t be with your during the months between visits.

– Dave

It was the Hydro Floss that helped my gums to stop bleeding.

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