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What do You Think About All-Meat, No Carb Diets?

confused I attempted to find the studies that you mentioned in your question. At first, I could not find anything.

Later, I found this article that mentions Stefansson and a 1928 Bellevue Hospital Study

I wanted to see what these diets actually consisted of. It seems pretty unlikely to me that they consisted entirely of meat and nothing else.

The article did mention that they had the occasional grapefruit.


The main purpose of the study was to show that they would not get scurvy from eating little to no fruit. It was not to prove that they could eat only meat and nothing else for a year.


The Eskimo diet may consist largely of meat but the above article also mentioned that they did have fruits, vegetables and other carbohydrates as well. So, it was not 100% meat and nothing else.

balanced-diet Nutritionists usually talk about eating a balanced diet. Eating all meat and only meat would not really be a balanced diet.

It seems to me that eating 100% meat would lead to constipation.

If I were on a high meat, low carb diet I would definitely make sure that I ate plenty of fiber dense foods such as green leafy vegetables (think salad) as well as broccoli and celery.


Leafy Green Vegetables Provide Fiber


multiple food typesI suspect that a diet with zero carbs would not work very well anyway. You’d be relying on alternate metabolic pathways to supply your body with energy, I just don’t see it as being very viable for long periods of time.

As you mentioned in your own experience, you became dizzy after the first week.

At the very least, the test subjects would have to be taking in some liquid while on this particular kind of diet. So, to answer your question, I don’t believe anyone out there is on a 100% meat diet.

If I’m wrong, please show me the documentation – I’d really like to see it, because it sounds a little strange to me.

I don’t think it is healthy or practical to eliminate all carbs.

I assume you are asking this question because your interest is in losing weight.

skyrocket-fat-lossHere is a free booklet you can download called Skyrocket Your Fat Loss Success. [AFF]

If you feel like I didn’t quite cover everything you were asking, please feel free to ask a follow up question or use the comment box below.

Please be as specific as you can, so that I can better answer your question(s)



Check with your doctor before attempting to diet, especially before trying any radical, unbalanced type diets.



Eat your Broccoli!





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