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Miso Soup and Radiation Exposure, Is There a Connection?

By Dave / September 2, 2007

Reader comment:

Dear David: on a recent vacation- though I had know about it for years,my host served every morning with breakfast miso soup.

I hadn’t been using it at home, but it really made us fell good the whole time.

Miso comes many ways and is a fermented product, highly concentrated.

A small amount is added to soup after the cooking. [It is said to] remove radiation received from the environment and cut cancer by 50% along with providing beneficial bacteria to the stomach.

– name withheld by request

My Reply:

A long time ago, I had read something about a doctor in Japan. If I remember correctly, he used miso soup to help the victims suffering from radiation poisoning in Nagasaki. What I read is that a lot of people got better as a result.

Now I admit this is only speculation and I don’t have any data or research references to back any of this up. However, it is a strange coincidence that you stumbled upon similar information.

I guess if one was suffering from radiation exposure, one might be tempted to try miso soup to see if it helps or not.

– Dave



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