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Dental Student from India Asks about Dental Diseases

By Dave / August 31, 2007

This question comes from a 2nd year dental student in India:


Respected Sir,

I want to know about the DENTAL DISEASES & DRUGS WHICH ARE USED FOR TREATING THEM. Also I want to know HOW THE PATIENT IS MANAGED WHICH HAS diseases like vitamins deficiency, Gum bleeding ete.. before doing any dental surgery .

with Regards,

Ab…. (name removed)


Thank you very much for your question.

As a dental student you should check with your teachers about dental diseases and the drugs that are used to treat them.

If you have a patient with vitamin deficiencies refer them to a licensed MD for diagnosis and treatment.

As a professional, you will or should from time to time be in a situation where a patient is comanaged.

Your teachers can tell you what needs to be done in such a situation. I can only imagine that if the patient’s other health problems are great enough, they would have to be solved before you attempted any dental surgery.

Remarks: I’m not trying to tell anyone how to treat or manage patients. I’m not a licensed physician and I don’t offer diagnosis or treatment on this site. I merely comment on health and wellness related issues for entertainment purposes.

Even if I were a licensed physician, I could not ethically do such a thing. A patient needs to be seen in person by his doctor. A history needs to be taken and the doctor needs to view the patient himself. Often times, patients have no idea between what is normal and what is a sign or symptom. The doctor needs to be the one to determine that.

A doctor can also run tests, take diagnostic images, etc…

How could I possibly remotely diagnose and treat a patient? It would be impossible to do so properly, even if I were qualified and licensed.

In addition, such a question as the one asked by this student about dental diseases and the drugs used to treat them might require an entire book or several.

I just bring this up to illustrate a point. This site doesn’t offer advice, treatment or diagnosis – see your doctor for that.

Thank you for your question, however. Check with the teachers at your school for the right answers.

Warm Regards,


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