Going to the Periodontist

By Dave / August 29, 2007

Question: Tell me what I can expect at my first apt??? I am so nervous!! I get the shakes. I have never seen a periodontist, anything I need to know? – Heather

Answer: Not to worry, it is much like visiting a regular dentist except for a few important details. It is much less stressful than going to a regular dentist in my experience.

If your periodontist is like mine, when you first visit, he will do a thorough (not at all painful or unpleasant) exam of your mouth. The focus will be on your gum tissue instead of your teeth.

They will note and mark the periodontal health (gum tissue health) of the tissue surrounding every tooth.

Then your periodontist should make specific recommendations about how you can make your gums healthier or take care of existing problems. If your problems are not bad, as you have stated in the past, you won’t have to worry about surgery or anything like that.

The best cleanings I’ve had so far have been in my periodontist’s office. I’ve never seen my teeth look better after a cleaning than the last one I had done at my periodontist’s office.

Their focus is a bit different than a regular dentists and the care I have been provided has been way above the level of that of my regular dentist.

Periodontist have two years additional training over regular dentists and if your periodontist is like mine, you will be able to tell.

Let me know how things go. I would like to share your experiences with the other readers of this site as well.



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