Gum Disease Products for Children

By Dave / August 25, 2007

Question: Regarding my 7 year old son: I need to get him to be more consistent at brushing!!! Do you recommend a child hydrofloss?

What do you feel is best for a child to use on his/her Teeth? I have 6 Tubes of the same Tooth Paste you use as well as the mouth wash for gums… How about my other son whom is 2??

I am glad, I at least understand that my gums are red this is NOT normal. I see allot of people that do not even know they are red, let alone know they have Gingivitis and in the long run can cause health problems. I told my sister. This is so important. – Heather


Answer: Before I would use any products on my children I would check with my periodontist or dentist first. If they say it is ok, then by all means: go for it.

You are correct, red, swollen gums are not normal.

Just like you, I notice it on people all the time. It is so obvious when you know what to look for.

The sad part about it is that they might not even believe you if you told them they had gum disease.

Unfortunately, about 80% of adults have it and most don’t even know it.

If they did, they would certainly want to do something about it before things really become worse.

That is one reason why I would like to see my book on gum disease become more popular. I think it would help many people realize that they really do have a problem.

Realizing that gum disease is there is the first step towards doing something about it.

– Dave

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